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Screen and Digital T Shirt Printing

Since shirt printing becomes one of the fashion styles that many people are wearing in these days, then you may find that there are a lot of brands and shops that offer t shirts in their product lists. Whether you are choosing a modern digital t shirt printing or screen t-shirt printing, custom shirt printing becomes much easier than before. The technique that people used to create a t shirt has their own unique advantages. Therefore, you have to make sure that you use the right materials and elements before you want to print your t shirt digitally or by screen printing.

The screen t shirt printing company is changing and growing continually. The equipment and any other tools are also changing with the advanced technology and new machinery in every year. The revolution of this technique makes people to improve the productivity and efficiency for their product, even for producing print t shirt. Nowadays, since the technology has been advanced, creating screen printing t shirt does not only about the art, but also about the science. There are various methods of screen printing t shirt but the most taking the attention is all-over printing garner. You will find that there are three usual types of the all over screen printing; Standard, All-Over-Plus, and One Color. One Color printing method is the simplest one. It uses one color ink that is passed over on the t shirt. To get optimal quality for your t shirt, one variation shade is recommended. The Standard method uses multiple colors to print in the t shirt. Like One Color, you can use shade variation but the simplest is better. The other is All-Over-Plus method which is used well in conjunction with the One Color method in multi colors.

Digital t shirt printing is newer method than screen printing. It involves different kinds of process. Unlike screen printing, this digital printing can be more cost-effective and feasible when processing small projects to medium projects. Digital printing is good for those who want to process print t-shirt with fast speed in artwork and color separation especially for dart garments. The color arrangements does not consume much time with the digital method since it lets you to use your art files to be printed directly to the garment. The affordability becomes the main attractions for this digital technique. However, whether it is for digital printing or screen printing t shirt, what you will look at before buying a t shirt is from style that you prefer. Whatever your choice, make sure that the t shirt meets your taste and interest.