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ICFAI Distance Learning MBA

Introduced with the objective of promoting world class teaching in 1984, ICFAI (The Institution of Chartered Financial Analyst of India) is listed below the Andhra Pradesh, Telangana region Public Societies Registering Act, Act I of 1350 Fasli.

In the year 1985, the institution launched the Certificate Program in Fiscal Analyst, the CFA program as well as Indian Business School (IBS).

ICFAI Business Institute offers higher edification in the field of administration with multiple specialisms. It is one of the greatest universities with an excessive vision of executing better study designs in the field of Indian edification system and has backed 11 private schools in multiple states of India.

It has one of the biggest groups of schools. Out of all the B-schools, IBS Hyderabad is graded among the topmost ten B-schools.

The foremost agenda behindhand their education scheme is that they support learning than just casual education. Their learning region covers almost all main professional subjects followed by development of agrarian economics, banking, fitness policies, intelligent property right and ecological sustainability.

The assignment followed by ICFAI works and highlights a lot on ‘Learning for Leadership’. ICFAI has established it’s Schools in the following states of India – Mizoram, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Chhattisgarh, Tripura, J Himachal Pradesh, harkhand and a well-recognized school at Hyderabad.

ICFAI’s social impact is also very – extensive they give better settlement opportunities, establish faculty progress programs, merit founded admission of students is moreover done no management proportion works.

This Business Administration program contains courses connected to business study as well as advance courses for precise concentrations intended to give an extensive knowledge in all features of management.

It is worthy for those students who pursue to develop their career in managing and business management field.

For enduring the Graduation degree in Bachelor of Business Administration BBA, one must have effectively cleared 10+2 in any discipline.

The period of program is of 3 years plus the medium of instruction will be English only.

The valid time for effecting BBA Program in ICFAI is six years from the date of registration. So students are essential to complete their degree inside a given time period.

In case of in-completion of program, wherever the student is still intense to continue the same, he/she is requisite to register de novo through paying the desired fee. The University would provide all study materials connected to the course.

This particular program is completely based on self-study, though counselling classes are moreover organized for the improvement of learning.

The entire course has been planned and developed through considering the significant aspects of the BBA package for the students.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a package of three years. The program contains of total 18 subjects distributed equally for all 3 years.

Refund will be issued if students appeal for withdrawal inside 30 days of enrolment, else, no fee refund wish will be amused after 30 days of admission.

Refund policy comprises the assumption of admission and price of courseware supplies fee from the paid quantity. Overseas students’ requisite to contact SSD for the fee owed services for getting the courseware.