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Four Well-Known Traditional Dances from South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi is one of the most well-known provinces in Indonesia. This province is located in Celebs Island with Makassar as its capital city. In this province, it has been known that there are many ethnic groups or tribes there. It is no wonder that there are so many different cultures that can be found in this province. Following that, traditional dances from South Sulawesiare so variants. It has been known that traditional dance from this province is about 316 kinds. Ninety-eight of them are coming from the Bugis Tribe, 116 dances are coming from the Mandar tribe, 66 traditional dances belong to the Makassar Tribe, and 36 dances belong to the Toraja tribe.

To know more about it, here are some dances that originally coming from South Sulawesi province.

  1. Ma’Rinding Dance

Ma’Riding dance is a dance that is usually performed during the funeral ceremony. Specifically, it is conducted if a member of the nobility id death. But, never mind the tradition, the reason in doing this dance is to maintain the animosity away from the village. This dance also presented in hope to protect young girls in the area who previously was abducted silently from other’s village.


  1. Ma’Badong Dance

Ma’Badong dance is actually a traditional dance originated from TanaToraja. Thus, it is an example of Toraja tribe’s traditional dance. These delightful traditional dances from South Sulawesi usually is held when there is an uncommon funeral ceremony called Rambu Solo. The funeral service where people can do this dance is held in a big field or a wide-open space that has been surrounded by cottage or loud. The dance is done in groups of people. The participants of the dance, which is commonly known as Pa’badong, will present this dance in the form of a circle. Later, they will hold onto each other by hooking their little finger to pother people near them.


  1. Bosara Dance or Paduppa Dance

Bosara dance also known as Paduppa dance. Different from two dances above, this dance is a dance which is presented to welcome guests. In ancient times, this traditional dance is often presented to give an entertainment to the king. It is also held in many traditional parties and holy wedding receptions. For your information, this dance is known as Bosara dance because the dancers use Bosara to help in entertaining the audiences. Bosara is actually a tool that has been used to serve a traditional cake which is commonly placed on the top of the table at an official event or ceremony.


  1. PakkuruSumange’ Dance

PakkuruSumange’ Dance is a traditional dance that has been created by Bugis tribe in Makassar, South Sulawesi province. It is no wonder that this dance is known as the most famous Makassar traditional dance. This dance can be done with the help of two drums, lovely harp, traditional puik-puik and unique flute. These wonderful traditional dances from South Sulawesi are occasionally presented in bridal procession banquets, wedding receptions, official seminars, and other events.

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